Engraving and printing services for marking products

At Électro-5, we meet our customers’ highly specific needs with custom engraving and marking services for the industrial and commercial sectors.

Laser engraving

High-speed technology!
Électro-5 Inc. is now equipped with laser engraving technology. Plastic lamicoid (or equivalent) identification plates are engraved quickly and on site. Choose from a variety of colours and sizes (up to 24” x 36”).

Laser engraving on lamicoid plates provides precise, high quality identification for signage in passageways and offices, on electrical panels and other industrial equipment.

Printing on marking products

Personalized and durable identification
We have a range of specialty printers on site suitable for flexible materials such as self-adhesive tapes and labels, or hard materials such as tags, on which we will print your text. Perfect for marking all kinds of equipment, e.g., terminal blocks. Our team of experts will assess your needs to find an identification system tailored to you.

Here are the main reasons for marking your parts

  • Identify various parts, control panels and cables
  • Improve safety in the workplace
  • Reduce downtime caused by outages
  • Personalize products with your own information

Marking products available

  • Terminal tags (compatible with many brands)
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Other products available on request

Discover our printing services and wide range of marking products available for same-day delivery.

Électro-5 has been a leader for 30 years; we have the expertise and a wide range of products to meet all your engraving and marking needs efficiently. At Électro-5, you’ll find quality products and proactive service!

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