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Electro-5 was founded in 1989 and is now well-established in Sherbrooke. We offer distribution services in electronic components, automation, control and instrumentation, and so, among a large range of products coming from the best manufacturers on the planet.

Thanks to its competent, dynamic and devoted staff, the enterprise has acquired a strong reputation in customer service in order to meet the needs in productivity and security. Electro-5 sets apart with its personalized and outstanding service.

In fact, Electro-5 stands out with its creativity as well as its remarkable commitment to finding innovative and efficient alternatives for its customers. This is one the biggest strengths of our team.

Because of its expertise and its flawless quality service, the enterprise has managed to secure a choice position in a very specialized and competitive market.

Today, Electro-5 has carried on to rival against the major players in technological products distributing around the world and has also continued to demonstrate its dynamism everywhere in Quebec.

In addition to its large range of products, the enterprise offers repair services of electronical devises as well as a service of marking cables, terminal blocks and components, also on lamicoid plates.

Electro-5 is a partner of choice for every need related to electronic, automation, control and instrumentation!


Provide the best products in electronic, automation, control and instrumentation supported by an excellent service and specialized advice.


Electro-5 still strives to stay a leader on the market. We count on the quality of our products and our expertise to keep our position.

Values of the enterprise

  • - Offering superior quality products : performant and secure
  • - Offering an incomparable service with competence, efficiency and courtesy.
  • - Innovating constantly in order to stay a state-of-the-art leader.
  • - Contributing to preserve the environment.



    We deliver worldwide where is possible to.


    Our technical service is yours for all your needs.

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We are creative

Because of our technical service experience, we are able to create innovative and creative solutions for our clients.

This is the great line of Électro-5