Electronics repair

Électro-5 offers minor repair services for electrical or battery-operated residential, commercial and industrial devices affected by electrical problems.

Please note that this service is only available at our Sherbrooke location, and you must bring your equipment in store.

Our other services:

  • Comprehensive small or medium-scale PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing services
  • PCB component assembly
  • Comprehensive electrical harness (bound wires with connectors) production or repairs
  • Custom assembly, depending on the project

PLEASE NOTE that we do not service the items below:

  • Amplifiers, televisions and monitors of any kind
  • Household appliances, including freezers, stoves/ovens, washing machines and dryers
  • Cell phones, tablets or smartphones
    Computer equipment repairs are limited to physical components, e.g., a damaged connector.
  • Application or software debugging

Also worth noting:

  • We do not offer home service.
  • We do not perform automobile repairs.

Why should you get your devices repaired?

To extend their useful life
Should you require a part or fuse replacement, our expert technicians can handle repairs so you can keep your device for several years to come. If the device is not too severely damaged and only requires minor repairs, it is often much more beneficial, practical and cost-effective to fix it rather than replacing it.

To protect the environment
Repairing your devices instead of disposing of them helps avoid waste generation and limits the extraction of new resources. Brand-new devices are made with raw materials that are extracted through polluting processes. In addition, old devices can pose health and environmental hazards if not recycled properly.

With that in mind, repairing defective equipment or devices is an eco-friendly choice that helps extend their useful life while reducing your carbon footprint.

Come see us in store to discuss repair options, and our team will give your devices a second life.

Contact us for more information or to request a quote.

819 823-5355

We look forward to serving you!

Repair policy

A deposit is required to obtain a repair estimate at the shop. The deposit will be fully refunded with the repair.

The deposit covers the minimum cost of the estimate in the following cases:

  • The client does not have the device repaired.
  • The device is non-repairable or the parts are unavailable.

In those cases, the deposit is non-refundable.

The amount of the deposit may change depending on the device; however, the conditions remain the same.

An additional deposit may be required to cover the cost of parts needed for the repair. This information will be given along with the repair estimate.

Repairs are guaranteed for 3 months from the date the customer receives the device. If the 3-period cannot be met, the customer will be notified and given the reason along with the estimate.

Devices dropped off for an estimate and/or repairs will be kept for a maximum of one year from the date of the estimate. After that, the device may be used to cover any costs incurred, at the discretion of Électro-5 Inc.

Repair prices

We charge a deposit ranging from $25 to $100* depending on the type of device, its size, the complexity of the issue and the time required for inspection.

This deposit is fully refunded upon repair.

  • The hourly rate is $75* with a minimum of 30 minutes charged on all repairs.
  • All components required for the repair will be itemized on the invoice.
  • Depending on the work at hand, additional fees may apply for products with a limited shelf life (tin, cleaning products, glue).

* Tax excluded

Electronic products recycling

Électro-5 is an official drop-off point for EPRA Québec and Call2Recycle.

Do you care about the environment? We do, too! That’s why we joined the collection program for electronic devices, batteries and electronic batteries, which helps protect the environment by ensuring that these products are responsibly recycled. Électro-5 is an official drop-off point for EPRA Québec and Call2Recycle, please bring us your damaged or non-repairable devices, old batteries and electronic batteries, and we’ll recycle them free of charge.



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